P.S. Are You tired of barely getting by? Have you dreamed of owning a fine automobile? Maybe a Mercedes like mine? Dreams only become reality when they are coupled with action. Dare to dream big, count the cost and put action to your dreams to see them become a reality.
So What's it Going to Cost?

up to
$500, $1,000, $5,000
or More Each Month!
Great!  Another "Internet marketing guru" selling some "Get rich quick scheme" or useless How To Videos. I don't count myself a guru and I'm not selling useless ebooks or videos.  I'm a guy who doesn't want to work for someone else and discovered something called affiliate programs.  Now I'm witting my own story.
In the next few minutes you will learn how someone like YOU can change your financial situation using affiliate programs and it doesn't matter what your education, background or income level. Let me show you the proof.
$500, $1,000, $5,000
or more a month! in earned commissions can be a reality.
Attempting to gain your confidence, many "Internet marketing gurus" make unsupported and outrageous claims about their earnings - hiding behind websites with no real way to know if their claims are real or can be verified.  What are they hiding?  Here's are screen shots from two of the companies I'm earning affiliate commissions from for a 1 month period.  As you can see, commissions earned from affiliate programs far exceed my claims!!! over double!  Make no mistake by my enthusiastic description of this business - To make what I make it is not free, requires some learning and work and does not happen in 30 days, but this is no different than any other online business opportunity No Matter What the company's sales hype says.
So HOW Do I Make Thousands of Dollars in Affiliate Commissions?
First, Here's How I DIDN'T Do It:
Not by buying PROGRAMS that promised to make me rich.  (The only people getting rich are those who created and sell the programs.)  I didn't do it by download any "Ultimate Secret" eBooks or software.  I didn't do it by joining the latest MLM.  I passed on "free website" offers.  I didn't take the advice of the self-proclaimed gurus.  I didn't pay thousands of dollars to attend sales seminars or watch and any videos that changed my life.  And most assuredly I did nothing related with pornography, poker, pyramid, or ponzi schemes.

So many people looking to make money online get suckered into all these things. How many programs have you bought in the past because someone told you that you could make money with them? Honestly, how may actually worked as advertised? Likely NONE! If they had would you be reading this? No you would be at a resort somewhere being waited on hand and foot...  Did any of those programs help you achieve financial freedom?

How about achieving financial freedom without  "getting rich quick."?  Financial freedom will likely mean something  different to you than it does for me. For me it means I can do the things I want, live where I want, drive what I want...  What does financial freedom mean to YOU?
I Did It By Taking the Advice of a Friend and Signed up for a Niche Search Engine
Around a HUGELY Popular Topic!
When I say Huge it really is an understatement. One Third of all searches on Yahoo and Google are related to this topic!  (That's BILLIONS of searches every month.)  This Niche is growing and the search engines like Google and Yahoo are not specialized enough for people search niche.
When a person I met recommended this I saw the opportunity, I decided to learn more about this topic to "supply" the demand. 

Here's what I found. A search engine that functions like other search engines. When someone wants to find another person they just enter their keywords (first and last names) and get their free results.
Here is the difference: When someone uses my free search engine they have the opportunity to take advantage of paid offers and each time they do I get affiliate commissions!  Imagine having a search engine where you get paid every time users want more specific results!  Not a secret, these are the same affiliate products promoted by many affiliates. What makes this different is that I earn the COMMISSIONS!
You May Not Make Millions of Dollars.
But How Does
up to $200, $500, $1,000, $5,000 Extra Dollars Every Month Sound?
Will your niche search engine business earn millions of dollars in affiliate commissions?  Probably not.  But imagine an extra $200, $500, $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 or more from your own, search engine business.  This is a search engine Internet business and operates 24/7 automated! "Guru's" like to talk about their money-making systems operating on "auto-pilot".  But what business could be more automated than a search engine that's online 24/7, earning you commissions and allowing people to sign-up even while you sleep.

But there's more. When I talk about your search engine business, I'm offering you the opportunity to duplicate what I do. Yes I'm talking about offering this same business opportunity to others... Giving them their own niche search engine. This means you can tap into a huge, pre-existing demand (a third of all searches on Google and Yahoo, remember?) and the growing demand for online businesses and work from home opportunities.  Common sense should tell you that it's a whole lot easier to make money by catering to an existing need, no cold-calling, closing sales, or recruiting people for a downline!  You know the gurus selling those kinds of products WON'T tell you that, because they are catering to a different need: Your desire to make money!  Don't fall for it.

Since you have read this far, chances are you're exactly the type of person I want to partner with.  (The people looking to "Get Rich Quick" have usually left by now)  If you desire to create a true partnership allowing the three of us (You, Me and Tissa) to make a Great money, sign up below.
What would it be worth to YOU to make enough money to do the things you always wanted to be able to do? Would you pay $10,000, $5,000, $1,000 or what about $500?
while many "Get Rich Quick" schemes promise that you can make millions with little or no money and no work... There is always a catch! The Truth is that nothing happens for nothing... and if everything is free how would anyone get PAID? that's what makes my people search business a step above the rest.

Tissa has designed this business to be a cooperative business design. What  does this mean... Working together builds everybody's success. Since this is a real business and not get rich quick, anyone with some ambition can build this business and make money.
So What's the cost? Tissa could be selling the rights to this business for $5,000 and people would pay it. That's not what Tissa wants, his desire is for people like you and me to be able to make hefty affiliate commissions and have a better financial future.

Actually Tissa is giving you the ability to access Step 1 and five streams of affiliate income for Free: But I did not earn what I earned using the Free program, the power of huge commissions is found in Step 2 & 3.

- Step 1: 100% free, that's right Tissa gives you access to 5 affiliate streams of income including the ability to offer this business opportunity and earn affiliate commissions free.

But I would really like for You to benefit from the power of this incredible business. And it's not going to cost you thousands or even hundreds of dollars to get access to the addition streams of Income. The very streams of income that allow me it earn the vast majority of all my commissions.

When you complete Step 2 & Step 3 I will share with you the little know secret of how I earn hefty bonuses and residual income that has paid me thousands of dollars.

I've been told I'm Crazy for sharing the costs up front... I don't think I am. I'm sure that once you see the tremendous profit potential and low startup cost you will make the same choice I did!

And Yet there is even more:
Tissa further puts his money where his mouth is, with a

"$125 in 24 Hour Guarantee!"
(this guarantee is intended to cover your out of pocket costs for the first few months, must complete all 3 steps)

There's still more...
You get Free training from Tissa himself... That's right Tissa is committed to teaching you how to operate your business through FREE webinars and he has created a cooperative support forum, where other successful business owners help you lean how to be successful. 

If YOU Act Today
I personally will show you by way of e-mails and online training how to build your business step by step... so you can do the same! Sign-up and complete all 3 steps

Remember You Will Have:
--- No signup cost (Step 1)
--- Your OWN Income-Generating Niche Search Engine (Step 2)
--- 7 potential income streams
--- NO eBooks to Download and NO Videos to buy
--- Step 3 Free for 30 days
--- The Secret of earning Affiliate bonuses

(This is easily worth $995 or more... This in combination with the secret I will share with you can make YOU thousands of dollars in bonus commissions, it does me...) 
(your $125 guaranteed earnings is deposited into your account and will pay out when you meet the minimum pay out terms)

total start up cost under $20
when you use coupon code: zzdomains  for hosting
This is not a free offer and all business take effort and money

And I'm NOT going to make you surrender your e-mail address so I can sell it to some autoresponder before you get started - That's a trick used by the get-rich-quick guru's in case you don't buy into their first offer! The search engine speaks for itself, the income streams speak for themselves and if you're the type of partner I'm looking for, it will speak to YOU.
Scott "zzscott" Whitwam
No special skills or experience are required to bring your own niche search engine alive on the Internet!  I've already done the hard work - and made all the mistakes - for you)
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNScot introduced me to the Acme People Search business & has helped me with everything involved in it. I don't do technology, Scott promised me he could teach me & I wished him luck, he was half way around the world in the USA & me down under in New Zealand. This guy is a genius & angel.  He was so patience with me . Scott never gave up on me.  For people that don't believe that this guy is genuine you can ask me thru twitter Unispearl & I will tell you he is the best in the business at helping people. Thanks to him I have a currently running successful business and I owe it all to scott Yours D CrozierUnispearl
I followed the step that Scott provided through e-mail and teleconferences and my business is Great. I love the GDI bonuses!!!! Beyond my wildest dreams.

Complete Your Enrollment Now!
Wishing You Great Success!

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